Vinnic 23A 12V Alkaline Battery (5 Pack)

Price: Package contains five(5) high-quality 23A batteries For small devices including key fobs, garage door openers, security systems, keyless entry systems Equivalent to 8LR23, ANSI-1181A, MN21, MS21, V23GA, VR22, A23, 1811A, 3LR50, LR-V08, SES-23A, EL12 12 volt alkaline cells

10 x Vinnic Size LR48 393 AG5 L754 SR754W Alkaline Watch Battery

Price: L754 Alkaline Watch Batteries 1.5V 1 Strip of 10 Batteries in Retail Card 393 309 LR48 AG5   Need more than one? We offer great discounts on quantity orders and have offers available.   PST- The L754, or LR48, is a popular Alkaline cell commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, watches, scales and other • Read More »

Vinnic L1154-C10-Ag13 Alkaline Manganese Button (Pack Of 10) Cells

Price: Alkaline Manganese Button Cell Vinnic Alkaline Button Cell delivers a high operating voltage with excellent storage capability. The high energy density and superior leakage resistance make the Vinnic Alkaline Button Cell hold a long shelf life and consistent performance each time.

10 x Vinnic Size LR44 V357 357 AG13 L1154 Alkaline Watch Battery

Price: The Vinnic L1154, or LR44, is a popular Alkaline cell commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, and watches. Silver-Oxide cells of the same dimensions can sometimes be substituted by LR44s.Diameter: 11.6 mm.Height: 5.4 mm.Features 10 pack tear strip.Also Known As: 10 L 14/D 357, 1128MP, 1130SO, 1131SO, 1166A, 157, 228, 280-08, 280-62, 280-8, 303, • Read More »