Strip of 5 Fresh Energizer A23 12v Alkaline Batteries

Price: $8.49 - $7.21
(as of Feb 23,2018 23:22:50 UTC )

For electronics around the house, like keyless entry, electronic books and glucose monitors, Energizer goes beyond the basic battery sizes to bring you the ones you need.MN21, A23, 1811A, LRV08, V23GA, GP23A, MB21, V23, L1028, PX32A, TR164, E164, V164PX, 4NR52, 1404M, HM-4N, PX32B, PX32AB, 23-144
Conveniently packed in strips of 5
Freshly packed by Energizer
Optimal power for keyless entry and garage door openers