Polaroid A23 23A 12V GP23AE Extreme Alkaline Batteries Mercury Free Blister Packaging (5-Pack)

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Price: $8.49
(as of Feb 17,2018 22:28:07 UTC )

A23 Polaroid Extreme-23A Alkaline Battery 12volts Type: A23s MN21 Gp23ae for gagage door opener Remote controls alarm, key less entry, SadoTech Doorbells battery replacement and other electronics. Zero Mercury ECO protecting our Planet environmentPack Of 5 Miniature 12 Volt 23A MN21 Size Specialty Genuine Alkaline Batteries, Do Not Attempt To Recharge
Fresh And Long Lasting Batteries Supply Replacing And Fitting Brands Types Such As Energizer Everready Duracell Plus Amazon Basics High Voltage Batteris A23 12V DURACEL MN21 GP23AE 21/23 A23S 23A 23AE V23GA MN21B2PK A23BPZ MN21 GP23A LRV08 L1028 RVO8 MS21 E23A K23A 8LR932 8LR23 VR22 8F10R EL12 23GA A23G A21 23-A A23/12V A24 AC23 12V/23A 22AE 23-144 2 12VDC 18AH 21 V AMP VOT CN23A L1028 LR23A L1028F 7AH 23 A 12VOLT DC 20 VDC
7-year Shelf Life So You Can Store For Emergencies Or Use Immediately Long Shelf Life – Expire July 2024 – Bulk Packaging
Primarily Used In Garage Door Openers Remote Controls Doorbells Car Alarms Remote Controls Burglar Alarms With Remote Controls Lighters Keyless Entry Access Control Devices Toys Doorbell Super Clock Ceiling Fan Toy Genie Garage Bell And Other Electronic And Industrial Devices Get Your Batery Backup Today.
Ships In Mini Small Packs Polaroid Distributor Frustration-free Master Blister Packaging