Pack of 80 Energizer A23 12 Volt Alkaline Battery – Bulk Pack

Price: $110.00
(as of Feb 24,2018 22:09:45 UTC )

Cross Reference: 1181A, 23, 23A, 23AE, 23GA, 8LR23, 8LR932, A23, A23BP, E23A, GP23, GP23A, GP-23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, MN21, MS21, R23A, V23, V23GA, VR22 Application: Garage door opener, Remote Car Door and Alarm ControlWorld’s 1st Zero Mercury C Alkaline Battery: Energizer is a leader in the industry in powering people’s lives responsibly Up to 10 years shelf life
Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2) No added mercury or cadmium
Shelf Life: 7 years at 21°C
Long-lasting energy for constant power consumption.
Classification: Alkaline