A23 Alkaline 12V Battery 23A 20-Pcs Pack Genuine KEYKO ® JAPAN High Tech™ for Remote controls , alarm , keyless entry , electronics and so more

Price: $9.95
(as of Feb 18,2018 19:26:10 UTC )

A23 Genuine KEYKO ® KT-23A Alkaline Battery 12volts Type: A23s MN21 Gp23ae for gagage door opener Remote controls alarm, key less entry, SadoTech Doorbells battery replacement and other electronics. 1 YEAR GUARANTEE from manufacturer. Zero Mercury ECO protecting our Planet environmentKEYKO ® KT- 23A High Voltage 12 Volts 50 mAh Long Lasting and performance Japan High Tech™ Alkaline batteries
ZERO MERCURY 0% Hg – Newest and Powerfull new KEYKO ® ECO TECHONOLY™ formulation , achieving US Regulations for MERCURY FREE batteries and protecting our Planet environment
Primarily used in Garage door openers remote controls, Doorbells , car alarms remote controls , burglar Alarms remote Controls, Lighters , Keyless Entry access control devices , toys , and other electronic Devices
The Highest Long Lasting New KEYKO ® ECO TECHONOLY™ formulation Gives you more than 100 Hours usage in Continuous discharge at 20k? load for 24 hrs/day to 7.2V Cut-Off Voltage
Fresh and long lasting batteries Replacing and fitting any Brand: Energizer A23 12V Duracel MN21 , GP23AE , 21/23 , A23S, 23A , 23AE , V23GA , MN21B2PK , A23bpz , MN21 , GP23A ,LRV08 , L1028 , RVO8 , MS21 , E23A , K23A , 8LR932 , 8LR23 , VR22 , 8F10R , EL12 , 23GA.