10 x Vinnic Size LR48 393 AG5 L754 SR754W Alkaline Watch Battery

Price: $6.21

L754 Alkaline Watch Batteries 1.5V 1 Strip of 10 Batteries in Retail Card 393 309 LR48 AG5   Need more than one? We offer great discounts on quantity orders and have offers available.   PST- The L754, or LR48, is a popular Alkaline cell commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, watches, scales and other non-precision electronic devices. Silver-Oxide cells of the same dimensions can sometimes be substituted by LR48s.Chemistry: AlkalineVoltage: 1.5VAmperage: 60mAhDiameter: 7.9 mmHeight: 5.4 mmFeatures 10 pack tear stripAlso Known As: 10 L 123/D 393, 10 L 13/D 309, 1136SO, 1137SO, 15, 193, 255, 309, 323, 393, 393A, 526, 546, 7 OT, 70T, AG5, D309, D309/393, D393, F, L754, LR48, LR750, LR754, G5A, GP93, GS5, R 309/16, R 393/15, RW 38, RW 48, RW28, RW48, S309/393, S754S, SB-B3, SB83, SP309, SP393, SR 48, SR 754 SW, SR 754 W, SP393, SR48, SR48W, SR754SW, SR754W, SR754W/SW, SR920, TR754SW, V309, V393, WS-6Additional Note: The MR48 is a Mercuric-Oxide cell of the same dimensions as the L754. The MR48 cells are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity. If your requirement is to replace an MR48, you may consider using the Alkaline L754 in its place.SpecificationsBrand:   Output Voltage: 1.5V   Chemistry: Alkaline   Battery Size: 393 / 309   Height: 5.4mm   Diameter: 7.9mmCompatibilityLasermax: Guide Rod Laser, LMS-MP9F, MP40F   Size: 1136SO, 1137SO, 15, 193, 255, 309, 323, 393, 393A, 526, 546, 7OT, AG5, D309, D393, F, G5A, GP93, GS5, L754, LR48, LR750, LR754, R309/16, R393/15, RW28, RW38, RW48, S754S, SB-B3, SB83, SG5, SP309, SP393, SR48, SR48W, SR754SW, SR754W, SR920, TR754SW, V309, V393, WS-6