What is the A23/L1028 battery?

The A23 battery is a non-rechargeable, cylindrical, dry cell-type battery. An A23 battery is an 8-cell device with a nominal voltage of 12 V. The higher voltage is necessary for the radio frequency-transmitting and receiving devices which A23 batteries often power. It has a capacity of around 55 mAh.

A23 batteries are constructed of 8 individual LR932 alkaline button cells enclosed in a wrapper.A23 battery is smaller than an AAA battery, measuring 28.5 mm long and 10.3 mm in diameter, with a typical weight of 8 grams.  The A23 battery is close in size to the N battery, which has a voltage of 1.25V to 1.5V.

This battery is also known as and compatible to the following: GP23A, MN21, V23GA, 23AE, ANSI-1181A, 547-403, 547-403-ND, A23CVZ, A23VP, 8LR932, 8LR23, N403

Devices for the A23 / L1028 battery